Ordering App for your customers who wish to send their print/ photo orders online. Easy to operate multi-platform compatible App.

Fully Personalized App

The app carries your Brand Name, Brand Logo, your App icon.

Product Showcase & Pricing

Uploading software with all your Product details, your product specifications, and your pricing.

Easy to Use

Clean interface with minimum clicks. The user can actually place an order in not more than 4 steps.

Secured Log in

Separate Login for every user to order prints.

Payment Gateway & Order

Your payment gateway can be connected with your choice of payment method while ordering.

Designing & Ordering App

A special app to cover the needs of Consumer Products. It performs designing along with ordering. You can add product wise design templates to the app.

Design Selection

The user can have multiple designs product wise to choose from.
You can upload designs to the app as and when possible.
The user can get these updated designs in app any time.

Design Personalization

The user can personalize the design by changing message, adding the name of the person receiving it, Photo. The user can choose the title & Quotes more suitable from the available collection or can copy and paste favorite quotes on design.
Font type, size, and color customization is possible.